Zandkasteel - Amsterdam-Zuidoost

Zandkasteel [Sandcastle]

In the centre of Amsterdam-Zuidoost, in the heart of the Arenapoort, we are developing the Zandkasteel together with Wonam. In the coming years, many homes will be added to the area and the shopping centre will be thoroughly renovated. In the early 1980s, architectural firm Alberts & van Huut drew up the original high-profile design for the head office of NMB, ING’s predecessor. The large building of about 90,000 m2 consists of a total of 10 towers that stand in an S-shape and are connected by an interior street. Due to the slanting corners and the sand-coloured brick fa├žade, the building was soon popularly called the Sandcastle. In 2019, the building was designated a municipal monument by the municipality of Amsterdam.

We actually started the transformation in 2021. The building is a textbook example of maximum circular transformation. Het Zandkasteel will be a real mixed-use building where you can live, work, learn and relax. The building will be more publicly accessible, with the catering facilities on the square and the workspaces on the internal street. Three of the ten towers are being transformed by the municipality of Amsterdam to house a new branch of the Amsterdam International Community School (AICS). The leasing of the homes and offices has not yet started. Keep an eye on the website for more information.

Location: Amsterdam-Zuidoost
Parking: Ja
Surface area: 90.000 m2